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What dinosaur has 500 teeth-Complete Information.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth

We have many questions in our minds when we look back at the past, including which animal had the most teeth. Normally, dinosaurs are famous for having maximum teeth among all animals. If we talk about what dinosaur has 500 teeth, the answer is nigersaurus.

What is Nigersaurus?

Nigersaurus is also called Niger lizard or Niger reptile. It was a dinosaur that lived during the early cretaceous period about 121 to 99 million years ago.

Famous for having 500 teeth

Many people have questions about what dinosaur has 500 teeth; the answer is nigersaurus. It is famous for having more than 500 teeth. This dinosaur is a purely herbivorous animal. This plant-eater animal is from the genus sauropods. It was a very large herbivore that walked on its four legs.

Other kinds included in Sauropods are diplodocus and brachiosaurus.

Characteristics of nigersaurus

Nigersaurus included in Sauropods had a length of 15 meters, almost thirty feet long. Its weight was estimated to be 4 to 5 tons compared to an African elephant, whose weight is also about 4 tons.

Origin of Dinosaurs

Usually, the origin of Dinosaurs were from Central Northern Africa. The reason is that scientists found many postcranial bones from Algeria, Tunisia, and Niger.

Perhaps this was the reason the dinosaur which we are talking about was nigersaurus based on the discovery. They were first recognized in 1976; however, they were named in 1999 after extensive research and findings of the remains.

Age of nigersaurus

Nigersaurus was 110 million years old and was discovered in Niger when scientists found its bones and remains. It was an almost 30-foot long plant eating dinosaur found from the Niger Sahara Desert. If we talk about its Habitat, then it usually used to live in a lush environment alongside the predatory dinosaur Suchomimus, lurdusaurus, and ouranosaurus.

Nigersaurus had come up with a delicate skull and extremely wide mouth. This mouth is fully lined with small teeth. Keep in mind that these teeth what is specially designed and adapted for using plants close to the ground.

As we all know that Dinosaurs had a long neck with a straight-edged muzzle tip with more than 500 replaceable teeth. Keep in mind that the original Fossil skull of the nigersaurus was also digitally constructed from CT scans. So it was considered to be one of the first Dinosaurs colors to be digitally reconstructed.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth; Distinguishing characteristics

Some people and scientists also believed that this nigersaurus looked like a cow, and this is the main reason it had a nickname that was the Mesozoic cow.

According to different scientists, it was considered the weirdest dinosaur in the world. Now we will talk about the distinguishing characteristics of nigersaurus in detail to answer the question what dinosaur has 500 teeth?

Nigersaurus teeth

The teeth of the nigersaurus are considered to be the most popular and distinguishing characteristics among other Dinosaurs. It is also called the key characteristics having 500 plus teeth.

This herbivore usually grazed for food in the area, which is now known as the Sahara Desert. Due to 500 + teeth, it had a large and broader mouth. With its large mouth, it gathered food, and usually, its snout was wider than the back of its head.

Paleontologist Paul Sereno who discovered this dinosaur, usually compares the face of nigersaurus to that of a vacuum cleaner. According to other scientists and experts, this comparison is considered to be the correct observation.

He usually observes this thing with reconstructed skeletons in which you can easily see its mouth that shows the complete resemblance with the end of the household appliance.

Different scientists described that this wide muzzle acted as a specialized tool for feeding with four large side fenestrae. It is to know that the fenestrae are the openings of the skull along with thin bones. There are more than 500 teeth in its wide muzzle, which are said to be replaced every 14 days.

Jaw structure

what dinosaur has 500 teeth: Jaw structure will clear the idea. If we talk about the job structure of the dinosaurs or other animals, then it was known as the only tetrapod animal that had Jaws wider and larger than its skull.

Due to its large number of teeth and scientists, you really examine the Scarlet clearly. Their research showed that these teeth were extended laterally along the front of its mouth.This is the main reason it was also called an orthodox beast that boasted a unique tooth structure.

Although nigersaurus comes in the category of Sauropods, usually 500 teeth are the unique characteristics particularly found in nigersaurus. We can also call all of them dental batteries that are most common within beaked herbivores such as triceratops. But still, they are very rare within sauropods.

Dental batteries

You will be surprised to know that these dental batteries word considered highly efficient processing tools, especially for Herbivorous animals or Dinosaurs. This is the main reason the nigersaurus has vertically stacked columns of replaceable teeth.

Replaceable teeth mean that after every 14 days, the teeth are replaced. In this case, if the teeth are broken, they would be replaced by other teeth present behind.So this tooth takes the place of the old tooth, and this is the only reason its teeth are also called dental batteries. These replaceable places go in the place of the old teeth.

Teeth distribution in the upper jaw and lower jaw

As we are talking about the nigersaurus in the upper jaw, there are approximately 60 columns of small needle-like teeth. However, on the other side of the lower jaw, there are approximately 68 columns of small teeth.

So by adding up all the columns and then the teeth, there are approximately 500 teeth in the mouth of the nigersaurus. On the other side, 9 sets of Replacement teeth are present within the jaw.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? eating habits

The uniqueness of nigersaurus teeth is dependent on their orientation. The teeth that are extended at the front of its mouth are literally words not very much effective in chomping at the leaves.

This is the main reason nigersaurus you really fed and grazed at ground level. So not only by its mouth shape but also due to its feeding habits, its nickname is the Mesozoic cow.

Due to a large number of small teeth, nigersaurus fat very easily among the low-lying plants. At that time, he had no issues plowing through the vegetation due to its small teeth.

As I also discussed earlier, we called it dental batteries that are very much important when grazing along the floor bed. Another good thing is that each tooth was said to have been replaced after every 14 days.

Nigersaurus Size

As I also discussed earlier, nigersaurus comes with the family of a sauropod. Nigersaurus, as well as other genera of dinosaurs word, are considered the largest animals to ever walk on the earth.

However, if we compare the size of the nigersaurus with its other kinds, such as diplodocus or brachiosaurus, it was comparatively much smaller. The size of the nigersaurus was estimated to be roughly 30 feet, whereas the average size for diplodocus was approximately 85 feet.

This difference shows that how much smaller nigersaurus was as compared to diplodocus. However, on the other side nigersaurus also had a shorter neck than its other family counterparts.

Nigersaurus babies

During an expedition, scientists uncovered fossils from a baby nigersaurus in Niger. If we talked about the opposite of the baby nigersaurus, it was uncovered.

The posture of nigersaurus

Different scientists debated on the posture of the nigersaurus. They usually try to find out whether the nigersaurus held its head high or it habitually slumped.

Normally scientists believed that this complex creature usually kept its skull lowered at a 67-degree angle, ensuring food. However, nowadays, scientists have disputed the screen status that the dinosaurs, along with the nigersaurus, did a much wider range of motion. They also stated that normally nigersaurus kept their neck upwards while moving. 

All About Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy

I often wonder how the term daddy became a part of bedroom kink in the past few years and how it became so popular. If you go on Twitter, you will see women retweeting Tom cruise and calling him daddy; well, I have had enough with the daddy trend.

So, I dug it up to know precisely where it came from and why do guys like being called daddy? What is the kick in it? Well, it turns out there is a lot more in the matter than I imagined so, let me walk you through this daddy kink and all the reasons why guys want women to call them daddy “winking face emoji”.

How The Daddy Fetish Found Its Way To Our Bedrooms?

This daddy fetish has been around for a while now. It adds a little spice if your sexual life is “routine like” or dull. But, though it has become viral on Twitter in the past few years, it has been around for decades.

We cannot really trace it back and know exactly where it came from, but the daddy fetish is mainly prominent in role plays, which makes us wonder if it came from the porn? Because family roleplays are always trending on such websites.

Such movies also got the idea of “daddy” from another place. Do you know that initially, there were prostitutes in the 17th century who used the term “daddy” for their pimps? Well, it might have gotten popularity from there and crawled to our modern porn movies.

Since then, there have been different sources that are feeding us the daddy fetish, like television comedies that are normalizing it. Also, different fashion designers played their role in glamorizing this fetish and making it feel not only normal but elegant.

Nowadays, social media is doing the deed, and the daddy fetish is becoming a staple bedroom ritual. If a girl is not calling her man daddy, it means either she is boring or just not interested.

So, this kink can hardly be traced back, but we can say that it crawled to our bedrooms slowly and gradually. It is not a bad thing, though, because everyone is allowed to have their fetish as long as it is not harming anyone, so, you go, daddy!

Is The Daddy Kink Limited To Men?

If you think that this daddy kink is only limited to men, then you might be mistaken because, according to several porn websites, women are 96% more likely to search for daddy porn and to be honest, I am not surprised.

Some women like to be submissive in the bedroom especially working women because it adds some spice to their life. So, it is not just the fantasy of men to be called daddy in bed, but women also tend to be interested in the fetish quite a lot.

Even in the top porno websites, “daddy” was one of the top five most searched terms, and by this, we can see how popular this trend is. And not only is it popular among men but particularly among women.

But, do you know that all men want nowadays is to be called daddy and they have their own reasons for it. Well, I did some digging and found out some of the main reasons of why do guys like being called daddy so, keep reading.

Reasons Of The Daddy Fetish In Men

Men like to be called daddy more than anything else, and it has quite a lot of reasons behind it, and I am going to walk you through all those reasons:

1. Men Feel Powerful

Men are drawn towards their alpha male nature one way or another, and the reason behind their craze for the daddy kink is the same. They like to be considered robust, and when a woman calls him daddy, it means she is asserting his power.

Also, in the role plays, when a woman calls a man daddy, it means she is becoming submissive, and now the man has all the power over her, which the alpha male inside them really like; this can be the answer of why do guys like being called daddy.

2. Men Feel More Masculine

Let’s face it; men like to be reassured of their masculinity, and what is better than feeling masculine in the bedroom? Being called daddy in the bedroom will reinforce the masculinity of a man like nothing else.

It boosts the ego of men, and when a girl calls them daddy, they make sure to please the girl because it satisfies their ego and gives them a sense of pleasure like never before. Though all this is mainly psychological, it still matters a lot.

3. Makes The Men Feel Dominant

When a girl calls you daddy, it means she is submissive, and nothing can give joy to a boy than being dominant. So, being called daddy basically is an indication that now, you are dominant over the girl.

It also shows that the girl respects you and submitting before you because you are experienced and skilful. This experience and skills and solely sexual, and boys like the feeling of being dominant, so they like being called daddy.

4. They Feel In-charge

Being called daddy is all about taking control of the sex and being in charge of everything in the room. Guys love the feeling of taking control and being in charge, and when it comes to sex, the feeling of joy just multiplies by 100.

When a girl calls them daddy, they basically become in charge of the sex, and now, they consider it their duty to please the girl because that is what daddies are supposed to do. I am just wondering that what this one term makes us all do.

5. They Get To Live Their Fantasy

Being called daddy in the bedroom is the biggest fantasy of most of the guys because of porn movies, of course. So, they like to be called daddy because it gives them a chance to relive their fantasy that they are the king of their bedroom.

The fantasy of a young girl with a mature man is quite famous, right? and when a girl calls you daddy, this fantasy comes right in front of you in flesh and blood, and who does not like to live their teenage fantasies?

6. It Spices Things Up In Bed

When a girl calls you daddy, it sure as hell increases your sexual appetite, right? Well, the same is the case with all the men. When women call them daddy, they find it amusing and kinky, making the sex much more enthusiastic.

If you wonder how to spice things up in bed, just call a man daddy, and you will find out how much he loves being called that. It just takes the heat of the bedroom to another level so, it is a perfect spice to heat up your life.


I hope that you got your answer of why do guys like being called daddy. Being called daddy is a pretty normal thing these days, but it has very deep-rooted psychology behind it. Make sure to apply such kinks to your bedroom life because it will most certainly spice things up.

Also, if you want your girl to call you daddy, it is essential to communicate, and there is no harm in asking her to call you that. There is a greater possibility that she is also into this fetish, and it most certainly will take your relationship to another level, but nothing is possible without proper communication.

Also, you can try different roleplays with the daddy kink, and you will figure out the exact fetish of your man and trust me, at the end of the night, it will be all worth it because you will be in for one hell of a ride.

Cheat Sheet To Fix [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] Error.


Getting computer errors is not that big of a deal, but it does become a big deal when that error is of Microsoft outlook. People literally run their whole businesses on Outlook, so; such errors can be pretty exhausting for them.

If you are also experiencing the Microsoft outlook [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] error, then don’t worry because we are here at your rescue, and a step-by-step guide is coming your way that will tell you all of the best ways to solve pii email error.

But before that, you need to know what this error really is and why exactly is it attacking your Outlook. So, let’s get right into the good stuff.

Why [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] Error Is A Big Problem?

This error is a well-known Microsoft outlook error that affects your communication quite drastically. When you are doing business, you always need to be updated and constantly need a way of communication.

But, if your way of communication is Outlook and this error has affected your Outlook, then you will most certainly not be able to do communications in flow, and a lot of important emails might not be sent to the clients.

This error indicates that your Microsoft outlook is not functioning properly and when your whole source of marketing is not working, how can you expect a boost in your business or in your institution?

That is why [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] error really is a big problem, and you need to fix it as soon as possible because the longer you will wait, the more it will affect your business and marketing. You cannot really afford to wait in this case.

Why Your Outlook Account Is Acting Up?

It might be your first time but, computer errors are pretty common, and with Outlook, you can expect them quite often. There are certain reasons that trigger the [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] error.

So, if you make sure that all these reasons are wiped out, then you can expect your Outlook to run as smoothly as never before. So, let’s find out what these reasons:

1. You Have A Dangling Connection

When you are using Outlook, the internet connection is everything, so; your internet connection must be stable. If your connection keeps dangling while using, then it can potentially cause the [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] error.

Even while installation, if your connection gets disrupted or becomes unstable, you will still not be able to get the most out of your Outlook, and the error will pop up repeatedly.

2. Your Cache Has A Lot Of Data

Clearing out all the cache of your outlook account is the least you can do for your business because if all the data from multiple accounts is just lying around in your Outlook, it might not sit well with the servers and can cause the pii email error.

3. Multiple Accounts.

Using multiple outlook accounts is cool until you see the error on your screen. So, it is better if you just don’t use more than one account on your Microsoft outlook but even if you are using more than one account, then just clear all the cache once in a while to be on the safer side.

4. Outdated Version.

The error might also occur when you are not using the web version of Microsoft outlook. Also, make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of this app because it really matters to the outlook software.

If you are using older versions of Outlook, it will be of no use, and you will end up getting the error so, get an update because it really is worth it.

Top And Easy Ways To Fix [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] Error.

You can fix the [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] error quite easily because all you need is a little time and motivation. We are listing all the methods that you can try in order to fix your Microsoft outlook.

But, if none of these work (they will work; fingers crossed), then you always have a choice to call a professional or call the outlook support team for guidance. So, ready to find out the easiest ways? We are.

1. Log Out All The Accounts.

It might sound a little extreme at first, but it is a pretty amazing method to fix your Microsoft outlook error. All you need to do is open the accounts option in your Outlook and log out of all the accounts.

Once you are logged out, restart your computer and then log in again to the primary account you use. This way, you can keep the pii email error at bay.

2. Clear Your Cache.

As stated earlier, cleaning your cache can be pretty helpful in fighting with pii_email error because when your cache is full of data, it can cause problems with your Outlook.

Also, in the first method, once you log out of all the accounts, don’t forget to clear your cache because it is a true life-saver, and you will know once you try it.

3. Install The Newest Outlook Version

It might sound pretty simple, but it is not. Some people like the app to be just, and they really despise any new updates, but you need to understand that the older version will cause problems with your communication.

That is why you need to install the newest version of Microsoft outlook from a legitimate source and make sure to update it whenever any new update is available.

4. Improve Your Internet Connection

We cannot stress this enough because if your internet connection is not good enough, your Outlook is not going to perform properly at all. You need to get an internet connection that does not stop or hang after every few seconds.

Also, it is important to understand that you cannot install Outlook or even receive emails properly if your internet is unstable.

5. Do Not Use Cracked Version

Using crack versions of software is pretty common these days, but you need to realize that this is not only a threat to your computer and your outlook account but also a threat to your whole data.

Using a crack version of Microsoft outlook can mess up your servers and cause the famous [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] error. You need to ensure that if you are installing the outlook software, it is from an authentic source and not from some random website, letting you install it for free.

6. Install Outlook Again

It is the last method, and it works every single time. All you have to do is uninstall your Microsoft outlook software first. Then restart your computer and wait for a while. Now, go to your browser.

From there, you can install Microsoft outlook pretty easily again, and this method helps you get rid of the software with pii email error, and you can have a new software as well, so it is a win-win situation.


Errors sound scary, but once you know how to fix them, there is nothing that can come your way. So, make sure that you don’t give up until you fix your Microsoft outlook. Even if you cannot fix it, call a professional immediately.

You cannot afford even a day without your email marketing, and we know it that is why we have given you such an easy and quick way by which you can fix the [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2] error within a few minutes.

Other Pii Email’s Error.




Cheat Sheet To Fix [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] Error.


Microsoft outlook is one of the finest emailing software you can ever get as it helps you keep all your work organized and does not make a clutter of the junk emails and works emails but, it comes with a little problem, the problem of errors.

If you are experiencing the [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error in your outlook account as well, then know that it is completely normal and everyone has gone through it at least once in their outlook journey. You just need to find a way to fix it.

So, we are here at your rescue with all the ways you can fix your [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error, but before that, you need to know what this error is so, let’s get right into it.

Whai Is [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] Error ?

First of all, it is an error of Microsoft outlook that can pop up on your screen at any time, and you have to deal with it. It can be quite a hassle for many people with business accounts as they need a reliable mode of communication.

The [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54]error disrupts your communications and also does not let Microsoft Outlook work at its full capacity. It also does not let your Outlook connect with the servers.

All this can affect your business drastically, especially if your whole business is dependent on online work and you need to constantly contact your clients. You might not even be able to send or receive emails.

If it sounds like a nightmare to you, don’t worry because we have a solution. All you need to do is just keep reading because all the solutions to your [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error problems are right here.

Before we get into the solution, you need to know why exactly this error attacked your outlook account so that you can save your outlook account from this error in the future and keep it from recurring.

Why Is The [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] Error Attacking Your Outlook?

The [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error attacks your Microsoft outlook account for multiple reasons, and we will discuss all those reasons one by one so that you can eliminate them timely.

1. More Than One Outlook Accounts

It is a very prominent reason for this error as most of Microsoft Outlook users use it for business, and they need more than one email account; this can potentially cause problems with your Outlook.

Having multiple outlook accounts disrupts the efficiency of your Outlook because of all the data from different accounts, and it all ends up giving your Outlook the [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error.

2. Usage Of An Older Version

Suppose you use an older version of Microsoft Outlook. In that case, it can also cause the [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error because so many options and new updates are available online which are disturbing your older version; keeping it from working at its fullest.

Also, the older versions do not have enough capacity and features to give you a premium emailing experience, so the version that is not new usually has different errors or bugs because of being outdated.

3. Usage Of A Crack Version

Installing and using Outlook in the crack version means that you have installed your Microsoft outlook software from an unreliable and illegitimate source. It can result in many problems for you, especially for your data and your outlook account.

Using a crack version can corrupt your outlook account, mess up your servers, and you can even end up losing all your data. A person whose business depends on Outlook would never want to lose their data, so crack versions are no good.

4. Incomplete Installation

The first and foremost thing you need to see is whether your outlook account is installed properly or not because, if it is not installed properly, it can potentially result in a lot of problems such as an [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error.

The incomplete installation can result from some disruption or error in the browser or in the website from which you are downloading it. It can also be because of internet issues because if you don’t have a stable internet connection, you will often see this error.

5. A Lot Of Data In Cache

Storing data in the cache is not bad at all, but it becomes bad when you leave even the unnecessary data without deleting it. If you have many undeleted cache and cookies in your Outlook, it can also be a major cause of this error.

If you use multiple accounts on your Outlook and are still not clearing your cache, you are doing it wrong because you can lose all the data from all your accounts if you keep forgetting about clearing the cookies and cache folder.

Easiest Ways To Fix The [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] Error.

When talking about fixing the [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error, it is not that big of a hassle, and you can do it pretty easily only if you keep reading and try all the methods one by one if the error keeps coming.

1. Clear Cache

So, if you want a perfectly functional Microsoft Outlook account, clear your cache, and for that, you need to go to the option of the file, then open the options; after that, click on the clear cookies and cache of Outlook and voila.

After you have cleared all your cookies and cache, you need to log out of all your outlook accounts and restart your computer. Once all this is done, you can easily log in to your outlook account, and it will be as good as new again.

2. Get Rid Of Other Emailing Software

If you use any emailing software or app other than Outlook, remove it from your PC immediately because it can be a potential reason for [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error. If your PC has more than one emailing software, it becomes a conflict, and none can perform properly.

Once you remove the emailing software that you don’t like or that is unreliable, you can restart your computer. Open your Microsoft Outlook, and you will see that it is working perfectly because, in most cases, emailing software is the main problem.

3. Update The Outlook

Having an updated version of your Microsoft outlook software helps improve your work efficiency and save time. That is why you need to update Outlook instantly once any update is available.

But, make sure that your PC supports the newer update of Outlook. Also, before updating, back up all your files and data to your computer so that you don’t lose any in the process. Once Outlook is updated, restart your computer, and you are good to go.

4. Use The Auto Repair

Auto repair is the easiest and most effective choice for solving your Microsoft outlook error because it even solves the problems you did not know about. So, to use the auto repair tool for the outlook account, you need to go to the control panel.

Once you have clicked on the control panel, go to the tool’s function setup and there, you can select Microsoft office 365 and initiate the auto repair. You will see the instructions on the screen, keep doing what it says, and your Outlook will be fixed within no time.


Solving the [pii_email_37544bf4d350a0915f54] error is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if you don’t have the right set of knowledge, it can become quite a headache. But, with the above-given methods, you can solve the error in the fastest way.

Also, make sure that you take care of your Outlook and not overburdening it because everything has a limit, even software. If you, unfortunately, cannot fix your error with the above-given methods, then make sure to contact a professional.

Other Pii Email Errors.




Blackrazor 5e: (D&D) Dungeon and Dragon 5th Edition.

Blackrazor 5e:


There are many mysterious things that are hidden from us in this universe. These things were hidden and mysterious for our insisters and now the same is for our new generation. But in this modern age, in which everything is going towards advancement, scientists and other technologists get started to revealed these mysterious things.

Like many film producers and game development companies are working on the research and concepts of revealers. They are mapping these mysteries and research on it into their films and games. Mostly the mysteries about ghosts, dragons and evil spirits are unrevealed.

Dungeon and Dragon is one of these video games that is based on the attack and fight between human and evil spirits. As a hero of this game, you have to use different weapons and spells to win against your evil enemy. Blackrazor 5e is one of these spells or cantrip casting weapons.

About Blackrazor 5e:

As we know that in 5th edition of dnd computer video game, you have need different spells and weapons to fight with your enemy evil spirits and to save human population.Blackrazor 5e is a type of spell casting weapon that you can use in this video game to put heavy attack on the enemies of human being. It is a type of sword that you can find on next levels on dungeon white mountains of dnd.

With the help of this spell weapon, you can put powerful spell on your enemy, by sucking their powers and most specially their souls. This Blackrazor sword is decorated with the pieces of cut black lava crystals. By using this magical spell casting weapon, you can get +3 bonus to attack on your enemy. In the following section you can know more about the characteristics and features of this weapon spell.

Some Additional Features of Blackrazor 5e:

It is clear that Blackrazor 5e is most powerful spell weapon under the category of spell casting weapons of dnd video game. So, there are following some extra ordinary features and properties of this spell weapon:

  • Type of Weapon:

It is an enchanted longsword type of flame blade spell weapon. That you can use for directly attack on your enemy creature in a game.

  • Availability:

This extra ordinary weapon is available for use from Pocket Plane stage on d&d.

  • Weapon Alignment:

As we know that this spell weapon sword is most powerful to attack on the evil spirits with in a game. So, it belongs to an EVIL alignment.

  • Usage Availability Level:

This spell weapon is available to use after +3 level of dnd computer video game.

  • Sword Weight:

This spell sword has the weight of 1.8kg.

  • Usage Value:

Blackrazor sword has the usage value of 10,000 gp. That is huge attacking rate in all the weapon list of dnd.

  • Devour Soul Weapon:

If you are thinking about to use it for destroying your enemy creature to zero hit point, you can also devours the soul of that creature. In soul devours process the Blackrazor sword will cast the spell unless that evil creature is dead. The creature is only can restore its soul by using Wish spell. When the soul of evil creature devours, you will get extra hit points with in this game for the long duration of 24 hours. So, within this time you can cast the spell as you want and destroy your enemy. Meanwhile, if you hit any undead hit point with this weapon, the evil enemy will get hit point and this sword will devours your own soul. So, try to avoid this type of insane mistake.

  • As a Soul Hunter Weapon:

Meanwhile if you are using this spell weapon in a game, then you should aware of different big and small evil enemies with in the radius of 60 feet around you. Because this weapon attracts the souls of creature to attack and get hunted. You can cast the Haste spell with the help of this weapon, one time in 24 hours. So, it’s up to you, that at which time you want to cast the spell to hunt souls in dnd.

  • Personality of this Weapon:

This spell weapon has very dangerous and loud tone. It is designed to suck the souls, no matter that soul is evil or a good in nature. The sword designer has a believe that, every soul will return one day with extra powers and Blackrazor is ready to put thunder impact on it. If you will use combination of this weapon with whelm and wave spell weapons, you can put extra thunder and powerful attack on your enemy evil creature. So, if you want to keep your sward powerful, you have to feed it souls on regular basis.

  • Sentience:

This spell weapon of dnd spell casting video game, has most powerful hearing and dark vision attacking powers within the range of 120 feet. Blackrazor is very chaotic and syntactic weapon with the powers of Wisdom of 10, intelligence of 17, and charisma of 19.

What is the strongest and most powerful sword in D&D edition 5?

Blackrazor 5e spell casting sword is most powerful and strongest weapon in the 5th edition of dnd spell casting video game. Its soul sucking power from evil creatures, make it more attractive spell weapon to use in this game on higher levels.

Who owns Blackrazor Spell Casting Weapon in dnd?

There are following characters or hero of dnd spell casting video game, who own this super spell weapon:

  • First character who own this weapon is The Raven Queen.
  • On second number the Hexblades and Friends of Blackrazor own this sword, who get trapped in White Plume Mountain.
  • Thirdly, it is own by its brother naming Frostrazer.

From where you can find Blackrazor Sword?

You can find this spell casting sword in the dungeon of White Plume Mountain. It is prominently shine like a black lava crystal. So, you can find it very easily and own it.

How does Blackrazor 5e sword for spell casting work in dnd?

Blackrazor 5e spell casting sword works in following ways, in dnd spell casting video game:

  • First of all, this spell weapon spread the flaming light within the radius of 10 feet and, also the dim light in 10 extra feet.
  • Then it will put damage of 1d4 on your evil enemy.
  • On higher level you can use it in the spell casting slots number 4 or higher.
  • The damage rate is increased on every 2 levels by 1d6, so it is more beneficial on higher levels of dnd video game.

What is the way to get Blackrazor Spell Casting sword in dnd 5th edition?

You can simply get this weapon in 5th edition of dnd by simply making a Tiefling by using the Subrace from Mordekainens.

Is it Good to Use Blackrazor 5e for cantrip casting in dnd 5th edition?

If you are looking for best weapon and spell to use in melee attack, then Blackrazor is best choice for you. You can get all the advantages of this spell casting weapon in melee one on one attack. Because you can target multiple creatures in a one go by using it on different target points.

This extra ordinary cantrip weapon is beneficial for all that classes that have one on one attacking abilities.

Is Blackrazor spell casting swordbeing Overpowered spell weapon?

This Blackrazor sword is beneficial for single go attack with in the specific range of 5 feet. After this range in second go, it will not put same effect like first. So, this weapon is not overpowered in any reason of use.

What Classes can get Blackrazor 5e spell casting sword?

As we know that this spell casting weapon can own by that spell classes and characters that can cast spell without burning their feat. So, these three classes are:

  • Wizard.
  • Sorcerer.
  • Warlock.

Restrictions to use Blackrazor sword:

There are following usage restrictions of this spell casting weapon in different stages of dnd spell casting video game:

  • You can only use this spell casting weapon one time in a game.
  • It is beneficial for use in only melee attacks in dnd video game.
  • For second time attack by Blackrazor, the target should be visible in described range.
  • The targeted creature should be undead, otherwise the sword will devour your own soul.
  • You can hit the target only by using your strength roll.
  • It allows to attack multiple creatures to attack within a range, but put more effect if you use it on one evil enemy.


We have discussed very briefly on this spell casting weapon, so at the end of this topic, lets we conclude it in few words. Blackrazor is a magical sword, that you can use to cast a powerful cantrip in dnd spell casting video game. This sword can be foundin the dungeon of White Plume Mountain in the form of Black Lava Crystal.

It can be used to devour the soul of evil enemies, up to the range of 60 feet, depends on game level. This weapon also has some usage restrictions, that you can read above.