Whether you want to spruce up your current home, or embark on designing a brand new home, the project won’t be complete without a beautiful design in all aspects. Everyone dreads a perfect home that has that one ugly detail that stands out or doesn’t match.

Even more importantly, the outside design of your house is the first impression to everyone that enters it as well as the only impression to anyone else. Pick your outside home design carefully, and that includes choosing windows!

Selecting the best windows for your home can be tricky. But if you can nail the perfect windows, it really brings the whole design of the house together.

Here are 10 tips for choosing the best home windows.

1. Top-Notch Insulation

Before you head down the path of design and aesthetics, you will want to make sure your windows have the best possible functionality for your home. No matter where we live, we all spend a fortune on heating and air conditioning for our house.

Without top-notch and advanced windows, some of your money could be floating out of the house, literally. Before looking at any designs, note the quality and reputation of the brand you are buying from.

2. Choosing Windows With Double Panes

Speaking of insulation, another factor to help save money on utilities in your home are the number of panes to your window. If you elect to go the extra mile with double-paned windows, the windows will be more effective at shutting out the weather.

If you like the sound of that, there is even more good news. You can even have triple-paned windows as well. While double panes will get the job done in most regions, the triple is sure to insulate your home at the highest level.

3. Types of Windows

Next, determine what type of window you are looking for in your new home. You’ll want to take into consideration the stylistic nature of each window as well as whether you will need to open the window frequently or not.

Single-hung and double-hung windows are more accessible and easier to shut and close. There are also fixed frames that do not open, and multiple types of sliding windows. Some specialty types include hopper windows, bow windows, and awnings.

4. Match the Home

One of the biggest factors in picking your window is the match it has to the rest of your home. It can make or break the success of your window at first glance. There are plenty of tips you can follow for matching the windows to your doors and the color of your home.

Your mind may be set on just the exterior, but remember this can include the interior’s match to the windows as well. It may be somewhat difficult if you opt for multiple different types of windows to match each to the décor of your home.

5. Types of Frames

A window is never complete without a window frame and there are plenty of options to choose from. Four of the most common are wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Wooden frames may crack or warp over time, but you can pain them. Vinyl and aluminum may not be able to paint, but will not break down as easily as wood. Perhaps fiberglass is a top option.

6. Choosing Windows That Will Last

If you are struck replacing old windows, you don’t need to be told that you will want the best windows that will last longer this time. Without windows that will stand up against rust or deterioration, you will obviously have security issues in your home.

When you are building a new house, having windows that will last should be as much of a priority as a roof or doors. Your windows will be tested by the elements and it will not matter how flashy or great they look if they break down too quickly.

7. What About the Glass?

Some window options may have frames, types of glass, and style all in one package. But for those that do not, here are the types of window glass in case you do have to select that option.

Four common types of window glass are float, laminated, obscured, and tempered glass.

8. Create the Perfect View

Wherever you decide to place your windows, remember that it is a pretty important choice. The view you select could be the angle you view the world from your home for years to come.

9. Note the Sun’s Position

When you are enjoying the view that your window provides, hopefully you did your homework ahead of time in regards to the direction of the sun. Whichever way the sun is pointing can have a big impact on where your windows should be.

Of course, the sun provides natural lighting throughout the house when it peers through the windows. But you do not want too much sun or too little sun. Some days you will want to sleep in and not awake right as the sun rises early in the day.

10. Take Care of Your Windows

You spent so much time and effort picking out your windows and assembling your home. Now you’ve got to make sure you keep it up and take care of it, especially your windows.

Make sure that the windows you choose light up your home all of the time. Utilize professional window cleaning to ensure your windows are always sparkling.

Windows Are Key

Selecting the best windows for your home can take some thought, but it will help make your home complete. From matching the style of your home to choosing windows that will meet every practical need you have, it is a nice home improvement challenge.

If you’d like more helpful articles on everything around the house and your outside garden, check out more articles on our blog!


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