All About Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy

I often wonder how the term daddy became a part of bedroom kink in the past few years and how it became so popular. If you go on Twitter, you will see women retweeting Tom cruise and calling him daddy; well, I have had enough with the daddy trend.

So, I dug it up to know precisely where it came from and why do guys like being called daddy? What is the kick in it? Well, it turns out there is a lot more in the matter than I imagined so, let me walk you through this daddy kink and all the reasons why guys want women to call them daddy “winking face emoji”.

How The Daddy Fetish Found Its Way To Our Bedrooms?

This daddy fetish has been around for a while now. It adds a little spice if your sexual life is “routine like” or dull. But, though it has become viral on Twitter in the past few years, it has been around for decades.

We cannot really trace it back and know exactly where it came from, but the daddy fetish is mainly prominent in role plays, which makes us wonder if it came from the porn? Because family roleplays are always trending on such websites.

Such movies also got the idea of “daddy” from another place. Do you know that initially, there were prostitutes in the 17th century who used the term “daddy” for their pimps? Well, it might have gotten popularity from there and crawled to our modern porn movies.

Since then, there have been different sources that are feeding us the daddy fetish, like television comedies that are normalizing it. Also, different fashion designers played their role in glamorizing this fetish and making it feel not only normal but elegant.

Nowadays, social media is doing the deed, and the daddy fetish is becoming a staple bedroom ritual. If a girl is not calling her man daddy, it means either she is boring or just not interested.

So, this kink can hardly be traced back, but we can say that it crawled to our bedrooms slowly and gradually. It is not a bad thing, though, because everyone is allowed to have their fetish as long as it is not harming anyone, so, you go, daddy!

Is The Daddy Kink Limited To Men?

If you think that this daddy kink is only limited to men, then you might be mistaken because, according to several porn websites, women are 96% more likely to search for daddy porn and to be honest, I am not surprised.

Some women like to be submissive in the bedroom especially working women because it adds some spice to their life. So, it is not just the fantasy of men to be called daddy in bed, but women also tend to be interested in the fetish quite a lot.

Even in the top porno websites, “daddy” was one of the top five most searched terms, and by this, we can see how popular this trend is. And not only is it popular among men but particularly among women.

But, do you know that all men want nowadays is to be called daddy and they have their own reasons for it. Well, I did some digging and found out some of the main reasons of why do guys like being called daddy so, keep reading.

Reasons Of The Daddy Fetish In Men

Men like to be called daddy more than anything else, and it has quite a lot of reasons behind it, and I am going to walk you through all those reasons:

1. Men Feel Powerful

Men are drawn towards their alpha male nature one way or another, and the reason behind their craze for the daddy kink is the same. They like to be considered robust, and when a woman calls him daddy, it means she is asserting his power.

Also, in the role plays, when a woman calls a man daddy, it means she is becoming submissive, and now the man has all the power over her, which the alpha male inside them really like; this can be the answer of why do guys like being called daddy.

2. Men Feel More Masculine

Let’s face it; men like to be reassured of their masculinity, and what is better than feeling masculine in the bedroom? Being called daddy in the bedroom will reinforce the masculinity of a man like nothing else.

It boosts the ego of men, and when a girl calls them daddy, they make sure to please the girl because it satisfies their ego and gives them a sense of pleasure like never before. Though all this is mainly psychological, it still matters a lot.

3. Makes The Men Feel Dominant

When a girl calls you daddy, it means she is submissive, and nothing can give joy to a boy than being dominant. So, being called daddy basically is an indication that now, you are dominant over the girl.

It also shows that the girl respects you and submitting before you because you are experienced and skilful. This experience and skills and solely sexual, and boys like the feeling of being dominant, so they like being called daddy.

4. They Feel In-charge

Being called daddy is all about taking control of the sex and being in charge of everything in the room. Guys love the feeling of taking control and being in charge, and when it comes to sex, the feeling of joy just multiplies by 100.

When a girl calls them daddy, they basically become in charge of the sex, and now, they consider it their duty to please the girl because that is what daddies are supposed to do. I am just wondering that what this one term makes us all do.

5. They Get To Live Their Fantasy

Being called daddy in the bedroom is the biggest fantasy of most of the guys because of porn movies, of course. So, they like to be called daddy because it gives them a chance to relive their fantasy that they are the king of their bedroom.

The fantasy of a young girl with a mature man is quite famous, right? and when a girl calls you daddy, this fantasy comes right in front of you in flesh and blood, and who does not like to live their teenage fantasies?

6. It Spices Things Up In Bed

When a girl calls you daddy, it sure as hell increases your sexual appetite, right? Well, the same is the case with all the men. When women call them daddy, they find it amusing and kinky, making the sex much more enthusiastic.

If you wonder how to spice things up in bed, just call a man daddy, and you will find out how much he loves being called that. It just takes the heat of the bedroom to another level so, it is a perfect spice to heat up your life.


I hope that you got your answer of why do guys like being called daddy. Being called daddy is a pretty normal thing these days, but it has very deep-rooted psychology behind it. Make sure to apply such kinks to your bedroom life because it will most certainly spice things up.

Also, if you want your girl to call you daddy, it is essential to communicate, and there is no harm in asking her to call you that. There is a greater possibility that she is also into this fetish, and it most certainly will take your relationship to another level, but nothing is possible without proper communication.

Also, you can try different roleplays with the daddy kink, and you will figure out the exact fetish of your man and trust me, at the end of the night, it will be all worth it because you will be in for one hell of a ride.