Blackrazor 5e: (D&D) Dungeon and Dragon 5th Edition.

Blackrazor 5e:


There are many mysterious things that are hidden from us in this universe. These things were hidden and mysterious for our insisters and now the same is for our new generation. But in this modern age, in which everything is going towards advancement, scientists and other technologists get started to revealed these mysterious things.

Like many film producers and game development companies are working on the research and concepts of revealers. They are mapping these mysteries and research on it into their films and games. Mostly the mysteries about ghosts, dragons and evil spirits are unrevealed.

Dungeon and Dragon is one of these video games that is based on the attack and fight between human and evil spirits. As a hero of this game, you have to use different weapons and spells to win against your evil enemy. Blackrazor 5e is one of these spells or cantrip casting weapons.

About Blackrazor 5e:

As we know that in 5th edition of dnd computer video game, you have need different spells and weapons to fight with your enemy evil spirits and to save human population.Blackrazor 5e is a type of spell casting weapon that you can use in this video game to put heavy attack on the enemies of human being. It is a type of sword that you can find on next levels on dungeon white mountains of dnd.

With the help of this spell weapon, you can put powerful spell on your enemy, by sucking their powers and most specially their souls. This Blackrazor sword is decorated with the pieces of cut black lava crystals. By using this magical spell casting weapon, you can get +3 bonus to attack on your enemy. In the following section you can know more about the characteristics and features of this weapon spell.

Some Additional Features of Blackrazor 5e:

It is clear that Blackrazor 5e is most powerful spell weapon under the category of spell casting weapons of dnd video game. So, there are following some extra ordinary features and properties of this spell weapon:

  • Type of Weapon:

It is an enchanted longsword type of flame blade spell weapon. That you can use for directly attack on your enemy creature in a game.

  • Availability:

This extra ordinary weapon is available for use from Pocket Plane stage on d&d.

  • Weapon Alignment:

As we know that this spell weapon sword is most powerful to attack on the evil spirits with in a game. So, it belongs to an EVIL alignment.

  • Usage Availability Level:

This spell weapon is available to use after +3 level of dnd computer video game.

  • Sword Weight:

This spell sword has the weight of 1.8kg.

  • Usage Value:

Blackrazor sword has the usage value of 10,000 gp. That is huge attacking rate in all the weapon list of dnd.

  • Devour Soul Weapon:

If you are thinking about to use it for destroying your enemy creature to zero hit point, you can also devours the soul of that creature. In soul devours process the Blackrazor sword will cast the spell unless that evil creature is dead. The creature is only can restore its soul by using Wish spell. When the soul of evil creature devours, you will get extra hit points with in this game for the long duration of 24 hours. So, within this time you can cast the spell as you want and destroy your enemy. Meanwhile, if you hit any undead hit point with this weapon, the evil enemy will get hit point and this sword will devours your own soul. So, try to avoid this type of insane mistake.

  • As a Soul Hunter Weapon:

Meanwhile if you are using this spell weapon in a game, then you should aware of different big and small evil enemies with in the radius of 60 feet around you. Because this weapon attracts the souls of creature to attack and get hunted. You can cast the Haste spell with the help of this weapon, one time in 24 hours. So, it’s up to you, that at which time you want to cast the spell to hunt souls in dnd.

  • Personality of this Weapon:

This spell weapon has very dangerous and loud tone. It is designed to suck the souls, no matter that soul is evil or a good in nature. The sword designer has a believe that, every soul will return one day with extra powers and Blackrazor is ready to put thunder impact on it. If you will use combination of this weapon with whelm and wave spell weapons, you can put extra thunder and powerful attack on your enemy evil creature. So, if you want to keep your sward powerful, you have to feed it souls on regular basis.

  • Sentience:

This spell weapon of dnd spell casting video game, has most powerful hearing and dark vision attacking powers within the range of 120 feet. Blackrazor is very chaotic and syntactic weapon with the powers of Wisdom of 10, intelligence of 17, and charisma of 19.

What is the strongest and most powerful sword in D&D edition 5?

Blackrazor 5e spell casting sword is most powerful and strongest weapon in the 5th edition of dnd spell casting video game. Its soul sucking power from evil creatures, make it more attractive spell weapon to use in this game on higher levels.

Who owns Blackrazor Spell Casting Weapon in dnd?

There are following characters or hero of dnd spell casting video game, who own this super spell weapon:

  • First character who own this weapon is The Raven Queen.
  • On second number the Hexblades and Friends of Blackrazor own this sword, who get trapped in White Plume Mountain.
  • Thirdly, it is own by its brother naming Frostrazer.

From where you can find Blackrazor Sword?

You can find this spell casting sword in the dungeon of White Plume Mountain. It is prominently shine like a black lava crystal. So, you can find it very easily and own it.

How does Blackrazor 5e sword for spell casting work in dnd?

Blackrazor 5e spell casting sword works in following ways, in dnd spell casting video game:

  • First of all, this spell weapon spread the flaming light within the radius of 10 feet and, also the dim light in 10 extra feet.
  • Then it will put damage of 1d4 on your evil enemy.
  • On higher level you can use it in the spell casting slots number 4 or higher.
  • The damage rate is increased on every 2 levels by 1d6, so it is more beneficial on higher levels of dnd video game.

What is the way to get Blackrazor Spell Casting sword in dnd 5th edition?

You can simply get this weapon in 5th edition of dnd by simply making a Tiefling by using the Subrace from Mordekainens.

Is it Good to Use Blackrazor 5e for cantrip casting in dnd 5th edition?

If you are looking for best weapon and spell to use in melee attack, then Blackrazor is best choice for you. You can get all the advantages of this spell casting weapon in melee one on one attack. Because you can target multiple creatures in a one go by using it on different target points.

This extra ordinary cantrip weapon is beneficial for all that classes that have one on one attacking abilities.

Is Blackrazor spell casting swordbeing Overpowered spell weapon?

This Blackrazor sword is beneficial for single go attack with in the specific range of 5 feet. After this range in second go, it will not put same effect like first. So, this weapon is not overpowered in any reason of use.

What Classes can get Blackrazor 5e spell casting sword?

As we know that this spell casting weapon can own by that spell classes and characters that can cast spell without burning their feat. So, these three classes are:

  • Wizard.
  • Sorcerer.
  • Warlock.

Restrictions to use Blackrazor sword:

There are following usage restrictions of this spell casting weapon in different stages of dnd spell casting video game:

  • You can only use this spell casting weapon one time in a game.
  • It is beneficial for use in only melee attacks in dnd video game.
  • For second time attack by Blackrazor, the target should be visible in described range.
  • The targeted creature should be undead, otherwise the sword will devour your own soul.
  • You can hit the target only by using your strength roll.
  • It allows to attack multiple creatures to attack within a range, but put more effect if you use it on one evil enemy.


We have discussed very briefly on this spell casting weapon, so at the end of this topic, lets we conclude it in few words. Blackrazor is a magical sword, that you can use to cast a powerful cantrip in dnd spell casting video game. This sword can be foundin the dungeon of White Plume Mountain in the form of Black Lava Crystal.

It can be used to devour the soul of evil enemies, up to the range of 60 feet, depends on game level. This weapon also has some usage restrictions, that you can read above.