Today we came back with another awesome article about your favorite sports media figure Stephen A. Smith Net Worth and Salary. Stephen is an American sports media figure whose net worth is almost $16 million, most of us seen him on ESPN programs. He worked as a writer and contributor on ESPN’s websites and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Talk radio is another platform where Stephen proves himself and gain success. Moreover, Smith also worked in movies as an actor usually he takes the main camera roll where he shows his skills.

Stephen A. Smith Net Worth ,Early Life, Career & Complete Biography

From the past few years to April 2019, Stephen A. Smith’s salary was limited to $5 million per year. But in mid-April, ESPN offered him a new post in their company and decided to give him a salary of $8 million per year. This the turning point in his life, this deal with ESPN makes him the highest-paid ESPN personality.

That deal was less than a year, but this deal made him the highest-paid sportscaster in the world. But in March 2020, he got another great offer from Tony Romo’s massive $17 million per year CBS deal with his luck. This deal becomes a game-changer in his life.

Stephen A. Smith Early Life of Stephen

Let’s talk about the early life of Stephen A. Smith. Smith was born in Bronx, New York. His father was run a hardware store. But his father’s priority was basketball, not the hardware store. So Stephen’s father makes his name as a professional Basketball player.  Stephen A. Smith was born in 1967; he was the second child of his parents. He was the youngest brother of his 6 siblings.

Since his childhood, smith was taking interest in basketball, so he became a professional basketball player like his father. Later on, he got a basketball scholarship that helped him to join the Winston-Salem State University.  Before joining the WSSU, he joined the Fashion Institute of Technology for a 1-year program.

Stephen A. Smith Net Worth & Early Journalism Career

Stephen started his professional career as a journalist. Right after completing his college, he got a first journalism job offer from Winston-Salem Journal. He worked in the sports department of that journal as a clerk. He was not known that this job will be a game-changer in his life and he got success in the future. Later on, he got more job offers from top publications in the USA such as Greensborough News and Record and New York Daily News. The life-changing moment of the smith was when he was hired by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia Inquirer:

In Philadelphia Inquirer he was appointed as an NBA writer, so he focused on the Philadelphia 76ers. But his main role with this publication was the reason for his popularity. After passing some years, he was promoted twice, and finally, he took a charge of general sports columnist. He was generated a large following while working for Philadelphia. But at last, The Philadelphia Inquirer decided to terminate him in 2008, that’s was the end of his Philadelphia career.


Stephen A. Smith has started working for ESPN in 2003; he was appointed as an analyst in sports media giant ESPN company for the NBA Shootaround pregame show which later became the NBA countdown. Right after two years, he was promoted and he started hosting his show named “Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith”. Unfortunately, that show was canceled in 2007.

Personal Life:

No one knows too much about Stephen A. Smith’s personal life because he is too conscious about his personal life. He doesn’t share any personal information publicly. However, Stephen A. Smith Net Worth is $16 million and now he is 50 years old, he has never married, but he has two daughters who have 1 year apart in age.

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